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Stop Talking, Start Doing - Anti-Procrastination Notebook

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"Stop Talking, Start Doing" is a quote to push you to keep on doing what you love and don't procrastinate on the daily task you does. If there is something you really want to do, but secretly fear you’ll never do it, then you need this.

This is part of the series to promote the anti-procrastination in oneself. We hope that through using this notebook, you'll have a constant reminder to stop procrastinating and start doing. More designs coming up. 

Size: A6 Kraft Cover Notebook (148*105mm)
Cover: Oil-based Linocut Cover
Interior: Blank on inside, 30pages. / Grid on inside, 30pages.
Paper: High quality 80GSM off white paper.

As this is produced with linocut printmaking technique, the product will not be exactly the same as picture shown. However, we strive to keep the image close to a 90% rate. Please do not come in contact with water while using our product so that it can last for a longer period of time. Thank you!